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Liki Tiki Park Colors Set (4 Mugs)

  • Liki Tiki Park Colors Set (4 Mugs)

2 sets available. 4 mugs. Hand painted. Food Grade Safe.

Edition of 3, but I am keeping one for myself.

At this point and time I do not plan on being able to complete a full park colors run in the future. I may or may not offer them up to patrons at a later date. It will come down to having the proper allocated time to hand glaze the mugs. For now there will be these 3 sets. I am hopeful I can finish all the liki tiki's by next fall(2024). I will then retire from doing the slit drums all together.

Signed by the artist.

Exterior finish: Park Color Multi.

Interior finish: Blue Glow.

Free Shipping for USA orders.

This is a slip cast and hand glazed mug. Made with a stoneware clay body and oxidation fired to 2200ºF.

These mugs are dishwasher safe and food safe, although please take care, washing by hand is the best option. All my mugs are made with a stoneware clay body that is oxidation fired. This means that sharper edges can be susceptible to chipping if they’re bashed so please handle your mugs with care. I personally always hand wash my handmade pottery and tend not to use them in microwaves. Remember, this isn’t mass produced factory ceramics, each mug is individual. Additionally, crackle glazes that I sometimes use can stain naturally overtime with liquids such as tea or coffee. The mugs themselves are highly vitrified and there’s nothing toxic or dangerous that can leach out from the crackle glazes. This is simply a byproduct of having such surfaces and you’ll find that crackle glazes, or crazing like this, can appear in wood fired mugs, soda fired mugs and salt fired mugs too. For more information please get in touch.

Shipping: We individually wrap and separately ship every mug. This is to ensure ceramic safety during delivery to you.