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Headhunter Mug



Based on one of the Headhunters that use to occupy the Jungle Cruise.

The Umbala people were an African tribe which lived along the Nile River. They were known by the Jungle Navigation Company as being headhunters due to their practice of collecting the skulls of their enemies.


Height: 8 in±

Diameter: 5 in± *At widest point up top near horn design

This mug is designed to accommodate 10 ounces of your favorite cocktail, along with ample space for ice.

Glaze Finish: Park Finish

Edition Size of 200

Every mug is meticulously crafted, employing glazes and finishing techniques that prioritize customer safety. The interiors of our ceramic mugs are coated with food-safe glazes manufactured in the USA, ensuring a delightful and worry-free experience with every use.

All of our artifacts are produced in limited editions, with each release being a one time event followed by the destruction of the molds.

Once you've placed your artifact order, the Louisiana Chapter of the Explorer's Club will create replicas using a master casting of the original artifact. Each replica is carefully finished with a custom finish of your choosing and then securely packaged for shipping. We take pride in our efficient service, and orders are typically fulfilled within 90 days from the date of your order.

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