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Oceanic PNG Pendant (Sam's Edition)


These pendants are slip-cast and detailed entirely by hand by the artist, Omar Girona. The glaze finish is roughly inspired by the Oceanic Arts PNG Mask at Trader Sam's! Each piece is hand-numbered and signed. Ships immediately.


Height: 4 in±

Diameter: 2.5 in±

Glaze Finish: Sam's Finish


Each pendant is accompanied by a specially crafted waxed faux leather cord, complete with an attached chain and clasp for convenient wear. Whether adorning your neck or displayed on your collector's shelf, our pendants seamlessly combine style and functionality.

All of our artifacts are produced in limited editions, with each release being a one time event followed by the destruction of the molds.

Once you've placed your artifact order, the Louisiana Chapter of the Explorer's Club will create replicas using a master casting of the original artifact. Each replica is carefully finished with a custom finish of your choosing and then securely packaged for shipping. We take pride in our efficient service, and these orders are typically fulfilled within 1-2 business days from the date of your order.