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I am introducing the Oceanic Arts PNG Mask Pendants in a gumball machine fashion (Blind box random shipping of each one). While I do plan to produce smaller edition sizes of this design in the future, or exclusively for certain in-person events, my initial goal is to create 100 pendants using this hand applied method.

Each pendant is individually hand-painted with various glazes and fired to achieve a unique appearance. The application process is deliberate and random, ensuring that each pendant becomes a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork. Every piece will be signed by the artist and dated.

The pendant you receive might not be in the photo display for this listing* For complete photo of what designs exist in this drop please reach out via social media or our community discord.


Height: 4 in±

Diameter: 2.5 in±

Each pendant is accompanied by a specially crafted waxed faux leather cord, complete with an attached chain and clasp for convenient wear. Whether adorning your neck or displayed on your collector's shelf, our pendants seamlessly combine style and functionality.

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